Rockstar Bagels Inc. is a wholesale bagel company located in Austin, Tx. Started officially by local drummer and New York transfer, Joe Humel, in 2009. RsB provides traditional bagels to local coffee-shops and grocery stores in the Austin area. The bagels are boiled, baked and delivered fresh 7 days a week.

It all started New Years day, when a hungry, out-of-work drummer decided to feed himself. A traditional bagel, like the ones from home in New York, was on his mind for months. After some research and recipes, day 1 was upon him. Obsession and passion over too him as he slaved day and night to fill an appetite larger than food.

After several weeks of feeding the local musicians and wandering vagabonds, he found interest in his product from people who were willing to pay for it. Joe says it was no more than "surface" thoughts that made him decide to start a new business. "It was if the path was already laid out for me," says Joe, "couldn't see any other choice."

"The path of an entrepreneur is one of heart and soul, that only freeing yourself from expectations can you find the success you are looking for."